What does Crew Serve do?

Crew / Airline Discount Programs
We work with restaurants, hotels, theme parks and bars to get our fellow crew members the best possible deals while at your overnights / layovers. Once logged in, head over to the "Discount Search" area and enter the airport code where you will be staying. You will be given a full list of all venues in that area that offer discounts to crew members, all you'll have to do is show your Crew ID before you are served.
Travel & Hotel Deals
As a Crew Member you fly for free, but you don't get hotels or rental cars for free... So let us get you the best possible deals next time you go on vacation.
Scheduling / Airtime Audits & Yearly Crew Taxes/per diem Info
Its important to make sure you're getting the Per Diem you're owed in every paycheck. We offer simple tools that will allow you to self audit your flight hours vs. schedule vs. paycheck. This ensures that all 3 points are balanced and that your income is accurate.
Crew Connections
Stop using your crew sign-in sheet at your overnight hotel as a means to "see whos around". Enter your schedule into the connections manager, and see what crew members from your company and others are staying near you or even at your hotel. Now you don't have to eat dinner alone at the hotel bar like a loser :)
Destination & Layover Events
Every now and then we'll plan events in city hubs for crew members to attend during layovers or off days. Check out the calendar to see whats happening near you.
Streaming Movies & Music
Get instant access to the newest movies (some still in theaters) as well as music. Netflix doesn't work at 30,000... but we do. Look, click, play; its that simple.
How do I join?
Are you an active crew member, or an airline Union Rep? Have you been employed with an accredited airline for at least 2 months? If you answered yes to both questions, then you're all set. Click on "Join" in the menu bar above. Fully complete the member request form, and your new account will be activated within 24 hours.

Please Note: You are required to provide proof of employment; Airline ID, pay-stub, etc. You position with your airline MUST be present on the form if proof you submit, or your membership request will be denied.

Although Crew Serve does not charge individual usage fees, we do require a monthly subscription fee of $2. Yes, TWO DOLLARS. Why? Well it helps cut down our overhead. Crew Serve is after all a crew member designed and run service, and there are bills associated with websites. If you pay upfront, we only charge $12, thats half off and a one time fee!